Sparkle & Girl On Campus Co-Host "Career 240"

Sparkle participated in it's second career event which was co-sponsored by Girl on Campus this past week.  Career 240 is an event where women professionals gather to discuss their career paths as well as education paths with middle and high school girls.

Eleven women from various backgrounds dedicated their Saturday morning to meet with our teens.  Each professional spent four minutes, 240 seconds, with the teens giving the teens an opportunity to learn more about careers they may have not otherwise known about.  Traditionally, teens are taught to become doctors, lawyers, teachers, etc. However, exposing teens to new careers such as speech pathology, visual stylists, and more opens their minds to other career paths.

During planning, 4 minutes seemed like too much time or teens, however two cycles in, onlookers could tell that both the teens and professionals wanted more time to get to know the girls.

This event also included workshops where girls were given tips on how to make the most of their middle and high school experience, how to de-stress before exams, and how to handle relationships. One attendee was so relieved after learning that she can focus on half of what her parents want her to do and half on what she wants to do.  She never considered that.

Great tip!

Professionals from the following areas were on hand to speak with the teens:

Science Educator
Speech Pathologist
Mortgage Consultant
Business Analyst
Registered Nurse
Nurse Anesthetist/Wellness Coach
Visual Merchandiser/Stylist
Systems Analyst/Computer Science

Special thanks to JCPenney for the goody bags for the girls

This event sold out quickly and not only because it was a free event.  Even young men want to get in on the action.  Because of such a great response, the next one will take place in the fall at a larger venue. To be informed of future Sparkle events such as this one, be sure to join the mailing list on the left sidebar of this page, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Join sparkle! Applications are currently being accepted now through July 1st.