Sparkle Learns About Healthy Living

On November 17th, Sparkle Empowerment Program for Girls participated in a Health and Wellness Workshop conducted by Cassandre Casseus Ribeiro, APRN, CRNA, MSN, CWC.  At the beginning of the session, the girls were each asked what they had eaten for breakfast.  Given that we were in a coffee shop, many of them had bagels, muffins, and pastries. Boy, was that a no no unless it was a wheat bagel.  It wasn't.  Pancakes, waffles, muffins, and fruit juices are not healthy breakfast foods.  Eggs,  fruit, and cereals with grains are.  After hearing how they are filling out bodies with foods that are not good for them, the girls were given the following healthy nuggets of information to incorporate into their daily routine.

The girls learned:

Everyday IS NOT their birthday and shouldn't eat as if it is.

Health is not just about food and exercise.  It is also about emotional health and they should find healthy ways to increase each of them.

The girls were asked to exercise at least four times each week for 45 - 60 minutes each.

If the food you are eating does not fit in your hand, it is too much.

Anorexia results from poor emotional health.

95% of anorexics start with boys and girls age 12 due to low self-esteem, the media, poor body image, and by other kid's mean words.

8 Ways To Increase Your Physical and Emotional Health

1. Surround yourselves with positive friends

2. Get more sleep

3. Speak words of affirmation to help uplift your self-image

4. Incorporate fruits and vegetables into your daily diet

5. Eat less fattening foods

6. Do not let people affect your self-esteem

7. Tell yourself daily that you ARE beautiful inside and out

8. Find a friend or adult to confide in and do not keep things bottled up

The girls had a ball passing around the fake, rubber food.  However, they did get a good idea how food should look as opposed to what they've been putting onto their plates.