Sparkle's Fashion Night Out

Last Friday, Sparkle Empowerment Program for Girls hosted fashion writer and stylist Margaret Wilson, former Teen People intern and Buyer for Sax 5th Avenue.  The girls have been begging to meet someone in the fashion industry being future fashionistas themselves. What an evening that was filled with endless questions and feedback for our speaker.

The girls soon learned that working in the fashion industry is not all fun and games.  The profession is demanding, competitive, and many in the industry often find themselves sleeping in their offices all for the love of the job. Miss Wilson referred to the fashion world as a "Devil Wears Prada" film or "Ugly Betty" episode which many of the girls have seen. They were also told that although it seems glamorous, fashion can be a lot of work and sometimes grimey filled with 12-14 hour days.

Most importantly, the girls learned how important it is to stay true to their goals and dreams.  Miss Wilson followed the dreams of her parents and went to Hampton University to be a teacher.  That was not HER dream.  After graduation, she couldn't find a job right away so she created a power point presentation in hopes of persuading her parents to support her decision to try out the fashion industry for about 6 months.  If it didn't work out, she would dive back into the teaching world.  Within two weeks she found an internship and 10 years later, Miss Wilson is still rocking the fashion industry one outfit at a time because she followed her passion for passion.

The girls learned about body type, where to find jeans for tall and petite body types.  One excellent question was what types of shirts are best to hide bellies.  Empire!  My all-time favorite shirt.

The girls enjoyed this event so much that they want to have a second workshop in the future.  Stay tuned!

Go To Places for Teen Jeans

J brand
American apparel
The Gap is good for tall girls

Old Navy
Urban Outfitters

Favorite Teen Shoes

Sneakers with wedges (in style right now)
Where do you find Thoms? (Journeys)

Most Interesting Question

How do you tone down Geoffrey Campbell?
Is it okay to mix patterns if its the same color?

Best Takeaway Advice

Don't wear the same pair of shoes everyday