Marsha's Makeovers: Finding Your Passion

Sparkle members show off their gifts from Marsha Page of Marsha's Makeovers

Last Friday, the girls showed how excited they were about the kick-off of the new season by showing up early, listening attentively, and not wanting to leave once the speaker was finished.  Marsha Page, owner/founder of Marsha's Makeovers, spoke about finding true passion in life.

Marsha shared with the girls how she wanted to sing as a teenager.  She would sing in the shower and thought she was pretty good.  Until one morning, her bestie was sick and couldn't walk to school with her.  Instead of walking alone, her bestie's mom accompanied her on the trip to school but killed her hopes and dreams of becoming a singer.  Her bestie's mom killed her dream and confidence of becoming a singer with words.  Words are truly powerful because Marsha believed her.

While in college, Marsha shared how she gained 65 lbs. over the course of four years and began to use makeup to mask her weight gain.  She felt if people looked at how pretty her face was, they wouldn't pay attention to her hips, etc.  This launched her passion into makeup artistry.  She actually went on to become a paralegal, but being a makeup artist kept chewing at her until she decided to step out on her dream.

"Stick to it, believe and have faith." - Marsha Page

The girls were told, "You are enough" helps you focus on what YOU want to do and not others.  They were also told that they become what they say and to speak positively. 

Are you living your true passion?  What are you doing now to live a fulfilling life?  Are you doing what your parents want you to do or are you doing what YOU want to do with your life?