The Art of Self Expression Workshop

Instructor Rodeena Stephens helps girls with self expression

Author: Imani T. Johnson, Sparkle Member
South High School
9th Grade

Last month, Rodeena Stephens, founder of Art of Perception, conducted a Self Expression workshop for the Sparkle Empowerment Group for Girls.  This was an admirable way of teaching young girls, such as myself, the art of self expression.  Miss Stephens started out with having everyone describe themselves using words that described their personality, followed by how people would describe them.  Through a rather simple but engaging exercise the girls learned that other people may not see them the way that they think.  The girls were also asked to explain the way they would want to be described.  The majority of the girls put down qualities that they wish to acquire. 

The next exercise was to write three positive things about themselves.  After the independent work, all of the girls were paired up with another girl to create a character and their back story combining the three positive traits from both girls.  This not only gave a creative angle to the workshop but helped the girls bond with each other and learn about each  other.

The Art of Self Expression ended with each girl answering a very important question, "What are you proud of about yourself?"  The Self Expression workshop was great!  It brought light to an art that goes unnoticed.  Self-Expression also gave each girl a sense of self confidence.  The first step in accepting who you are is most importantly knowing who you are.

Learn more about Art of Perception and host a workshop for your group.