Polishing Up Their Act: G.L.A.M. Etiquette Workshop A Success

Sheryl Stokes with G.L.A.M. Etiquette Workshop attendees
I am so excited to announce that the Sparkle Empowerment Program for Girls had their first G.L.A.M. Etiquette Workshop on September 24th at the American Legion in Valley Stream. Sheryl Stokes, Director of Life Lessons Workshop, LLC from Detroit, Michigan, began the event with a fun icebreaker. Make A Friend Bingo helped the girls become acquainted with fellow attendees by finding others who knew a second language, had a broken nail, or participated in a sport. Prizes were awarded to various young ladies for arriving on time, an etiquette must, and for counting the number of mistakes during a dining exercise.

Sheryl Stokes assists the girls with Make A Friend Bingo

Participants came from New Rochelle, Brooklyn, Ridge, and of course Valley Stream attended the workshop. The attendees ranged in age from 7 - 14 years old. The girls were giving grooming tips which included maintaining manicured fingernails, neat/clean hair, and to always shower/bathe daily. They also learned that clothing should fit smoothly and how to dress appropriately for the right occasion.

Participants chatted about what they thought makes a good friend and how long should you know someone before making them a good friend.  A few said two days, and some said a few months.  They also learned the true characteristics of a friend and how to recognize a toxic friendship.

"Where Would You Wear It?" chart was handed out to the girls asking where would  you wear certain clothing.  Parents, you will be proud to know that the girls felt that sagging pants should be worn anywhere. 

Each participant was given a Certificate of Participation for completing the 2-hour training.

To inquire about future or private etiquette instruction for your group, please call (516) 531-3823 or email us at sparkleclubinfo@gmail.com