Volunteering: Get It In!

My husband and I spent the weekend participating in Black Alumni College Weekend at Amherst College which is where he attended from
'94 - '98.  I was so impressed by this group of students who were about 18 - 20 years younger than I.  I was only offended once after I and some of the other non-students were referred to as "elders."  What?  I asked my neighbor, "Did she really just say what I thought she said?"  I mean, I am still in my 30's, you know.

During one of the many workshops and discussions we participated in was with the head of admissions who had just hours earlier, sent out acceptance emails to the incoming Freshman class.  Emails?  Back in my day we were mailed letters but that was 20 years ago which was before the world was introduced to the Internet.  I will reveal the information from the admissions discussion later, but what did stick out was how important community service is when applying to college.  If I were you, I think it is better to start community service now and not rush to find something to do during your senior year.  It looks better on a college application when you exhibit a strong history in community service as opposed to participating in 1 -2 events months before college apps are due.  Get it in now!

Every Child Matters has a few volunteer opportunities that you may be interested in.  Click here to see what you can do to help.  As mentioned in a previous post, Envision Valley Stream has opportunities as well.

The New York Avon Walk for Breast Cancer is scheduled for October 15 - 16th in Manhattan.  If you are interested in joining TYDI in volunteering for this event, let me know. 

Check back for more volunteer ops.