Volunteer in Your Community

When I was 17 years old I began competing in pageants.  One of the pageant requirements was that each contestant volunteer a certain number of hours in their community.  Somehow I ended up at the local nursing home just minutes from my home.  I can't remember if I took the initiative to reach out to the home or if my parents knew someone who helped me gain access to the home.  I remember calling out Bingo numbers to the residents who were all elderly but boy would they yell at you if you were too slow in calling the numbers.  Man!  Another responsibility I had was giving manicures to the women.  At the time I don't think I had yet personally experienced my first mani but I think I did a pretty good job in sprucing up the residen'ts nails.  I was no stranger to community service as I did a few things to help out my church growing up, but there was something unique about volunteering with the nursing home.  I felt good that I was making an immediate impact on someone else's life.  I think this is what began my interest in helping others.  Although I no longer do manis at nursing homes, I would love for the girls in the Sparkle program to offer a beauty day at nearby nursing homes so that they too will bring a smile to a senior's life.

Stay active in your community.  There are a number of opportunities out there so go find them!  Envision Valley Stream has wonderful opportunities for all ages.  The Multiple Sclerosis Society is looking for volunteers for its annual MS Walk on May 1st. Here are a few ideas for children who are eager to give back.

Once we complete the membership process for the Sparkle program, you can believe that you will see the girls out in the community giving back.  Join us and sign up for  Sparkle today!