Today Show: When Is it Okay for Tween/Teens to Wax, Shave & Pierce?

Juice Images via Corbin
My mother always told me that if you never start shaving your legs that you would never have to.  And I haven't.  That was great advice.   I remember one of my cheerleading teammates having to shave her legs right before a basketball game because she should would have scratched someone if they got too close.  I was glad I didn't have to go through that.  I was also told that I couldn't wear makeup because it would make me appear loose.  That was over 20 years ago while I was growing up as a preacher's kid in a very strict household.  While I don't believe preteens should even have to worry about how they look so early, I don't mind my daughter wearing a little lip gloss at 10 years old.  But that's it.  It isn't necessary to tweeze, pluck, or wax at this age because it's just starting to grow in, isn't it?  As for piercings and tattoos, I'm not a fan of uneccessary procedures that cause pain.  But not all adults feel the same way I do.  However, if you do receive permission from a parent to get a tatoo or piercing, think about your future before you do it.  If you have aspirations of becoming the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or your own company, don't get a tatoo on any visible part of your body that can't be covered with clothing.  Can you imagine going to a meeting and you have a cute teddy bear or heart on your neck or wrist?  Read the complete story on

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