Sincere Friends Vs. Superficial Friends

I have had many people come in and out of my life ever since I was a teenager.  As a teen I remember losing friends because I had a boyfriend and they didn't.  I remember losing a close friend due to lies and gossip from another friend who was jealous of our relationship.  I remember losing a friend because our values were not the same.  Losing friends throughout life is sad and hurtful but it is part of the growing process.  All friends aren't good for you but you need to learn how to spot a sincere friend vs. a superficial friend.  A friend's rejection is God's protection. I found this list from "Fit for Excellence" written by former Mrs. USA, Sheri Rose Shepherd.

Sincere Friends....

Know my feelings.

Reveal to me how they feel.

Teach me about myself.

Are comfortable with silence.

Feel free to tell me the truth.

Give me freedom to fail.

Love me for who I am.

Superficial Friends....

Know only the facts about me.

Tell me what they've done.

Tell me about others.

Feel awkward with silence.

Would leave me if I let them down.

Love me for what I can do.